Munnar Village Life

Written 20/02/2019

We have made our way to Munnar, and: We. Are. Amazed. Actually, we have made our way a bit further than Munnar, to a tiny village in Vagavurrai. On one side we have endless tea plantations, on the other a beautiful waterfall to take a cool dip, and all around lush mountains, chickens, cows, dogs and the most amazing people. Except our lovely host no one else seems to speak English, but there is not one single person that does not smile and wave when we pass by.

The tea bushes looks like green cottonballs from a distance, and we kinda just want to roll down the hills on them

Earlier we we’re heading out to the tea plantation for a hike. And this place is just so wonderful I am even getting touched by it. The latter might also be because I’m catching a cold and my nose is completely blocked, and in a half-sick, slightly tired kind-off state I am very prone to emotions. As we walked into the endless hills of tealeaves, mesmerised by the lush beauty, I went on a rant about how incredible it was to be in this peaceful place where we would most likely meet nobody for the whole walk. As soon as the words left my mouth the heads of five ladies working in the plantation popped up from the green bushes next to us: “Hello!!”.

Some of the plantation workers

We are staying at Pavithra River View Homestay, which we highly recommend! We might even have to dedicate a whole post to this lovely place. If you are heading towards Munnar this should definitely be considered. And in a few days even more new rooms with amazing views will be ready for guests.

And as we thought this place could not get better, this absolute cutiepie turns up on our doorstep

Just up the street is a cosy little shop which serves the best cardamom chai we have ever tasted. We are not sure how we are going to live without all this wonderful Indian tea once we leave. Anyways, the chai-place is also a great little spot to watch the life of the village. It seems like we are in the middle of nowhere, so we’re amazed how the handful of shops along the main road survives. But the flow of people does not stop. Every car that pass by stop by the shops for a quick chai and Indian cake, and they all seem wonderfully surprised to see foreigners.